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X-Men Movie reveiw

             Bryan Singer's film, X-Men, is a high action science fiction picture based on the long time comic book series. The basis of the movie is that there has been a "jump" in human evolution. Which has caused "mutants" to appear around the wold who have extraordinary powers and abilities. There is a movement by normal humans, to force all mutants to register themselves and their abilities.
             Magneto (Ian McKellen) is the story's powerful antagonist who has the ability to control anything containing metal. Magneto grew up in Nazi Germany and saw first hand how Hitler blamed all of the countries problems on the Jews. He now fears the world will act similar towards mutants, and becomes furious with humanity. He feels humanity will never except mutants so he develops a machine that will solve this problem, by turning all humans into mutants. Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who has extremely powerful telepathic abilities has an opposite view on the situation. He has faith in humanity and feels their differences can be worked out. Xavier and his own team of "good mutants" called the X-Men set out to stop Magneto, in hopes to prevent a war between humans and mutants. To add to this confrontation, Magneto is trying to capture a troubled teenaged mutant named Rouge (Anna Paquin). But in walks Wolveran (Hugh Jackman), a long lost loner mutant, who has become attached to Rouge and become a kind of guardian to her.
             When watching the X-Men, one must remember that it is based on a comic book. Someone who is not familiar with comics might give a little chuckle when they see a man in a tight rubber suit running around shooting laser beams from his eyes. But high quality computer graphics help make these fairly far fetched powers much more believable.
             Patrick Stewart suits the part of Professor Xavier like no other. He is an extraordinary actor and you quickly forget him commanding starships millions of light years away.

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