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Schindler's List movie reveiw

             The movie I decided to review was Schindler's List. It's a true story of the German businessman Oskar Schindler who comes to Nazi-captured Poland looking for economic gain and leaves as a savior of more than 1,100 Jews. Schindler's List is one of the most heart wrenching movies of all time. Many of our grandparents told us about the Holocaust stories or we learned about it in school year after year, but to see it put to life was a touching and difficult experience. Some of us couldn't even bare to look at the gruesome scenes.
             The movie starts out in a Jewish family's house. They are reciting in prayer for the Sabbath day around a table full of lit candles. When the Jews are gone from the house the candles slowly burn out.
             Poland was defeated by German forces in a matter of weeks. When the Germans take control of Poland, the Jews are forced out of their homes to report to the train station, where their names are registered. Well over 10,000 Jews are being shipped off to Krakow. People tease and yell at any Jew they see in the street. There is even a little girl screaming "Goodbye Jews" repeatedly as the line of Jews is moving and kids are throwing dirt at them.
             The ghetto, Krakow, is overcrowded with Jews. The Judenrat ,twenty-four elected Jews responsible for the order, gathered the Jewish people together and organized into working groups. Oskar Schindler, a German businessman, visits the ghetto. He wishes to see Itzhak Stern; a Jew who is good at accounting and used to own a pot-making factory. Jews are no longer allowed to own businesses, so Oskar makes a deal with Itzhak, and plans to take over the factory after trading money and appointing him his factory manager.
             March 20, 1941 is the deadline for entering the ghetto. All Jews are now forced to pack their belongings and move out of their homes by German soldiers. When the Jews arrive to the ghetto, they receive "housing assignments" and are forced to be in tight living quarters.

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