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Schindler's List

            My definition of a hero is someone who will sacrifice his/her well being to help someone who is in need of help. A hero is not only someone who saves mass amounts of people or discovers a cure for a life-threatening disease, a person can be a hero by doing something as simple as spending an afternoon working at a soup kitchen or helping a child learn to read. Then that person becomes a hero to the person he/she is helping. That is what a true hero is, someone in your life who has helped to overcome a trial. .
             Heroes create history because they change the way things are by doing the unordinary and helping people. Without heroes, there would be no change in history. Things would never change because no one would change them. For example, if it weren't for the heroes of revolutionary America, we may still be under British control. It takes real sacrifice to fight for what you believe in. .
             Oscar Schindler is a true hero. He did not only save 1,100 Jews out of 6 million saved. "He who saves a life saves a world entire".
             He saved 1,000 human beings that he could have just as easily ignored. In the beginning of the movie, the only reason Schindler was using the Jews was they were a lot cheaper than German workers were. But he was still a hero to the Jews because they had work and were safe from the harsh camps while they were at work. Throughout the movie he did many heroic things that saved many lives. His list is a great example of this. He originally had 300 workers but his list contained the names of 1,100 Jews, which he sacrificed his money and name to achieve.
             When the woman's train was accidentally sent to Auschwitz, he went and saved them. That trip was truly heroic because the trip was out of his way but he still hurried to get there in time so he could save he women. One part of the movie that really stood out to me and has stuck with me is when he yells at the Nazi soldiers for trying to keep the children in Auschwitz.

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