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Billy talent

             The members of Billy Talent met during a high school talent show in which Ian(lead singer) played in a band different from the others. Following the event, the two groups began playing the local pool halls and bars together, though eventually, as each band reached its own peak, Benjamin(guitarist) approached Ian about starting a new band with Jon(bass) and Aaron(drums) .
             This new group, originally performing under a different name, demonstrated an immediate new name as evidenced on their 1998 debut LP Watoosh. Inspired by a character in the film 'Hard Core Logo', the foursome were re-granted the name as Billy Talent and soon recorded their breakthrough EP, 2001's 'Try Honesty'. The four-song disc not only defined their style and voice, it also got the group a publishing deal with EMI. Then, as local radio kicked in, Billy Talent got its spot as a top regional draw performing with groups like Goldfinger, Sparta, and for the MTV Campus Invasion. In fact, their underground buzz led the group to fill in main stage for Busta Rhymes on the Area: 2 tour's local stop (featuring Moby and David Bowie). Which toured all over.
             "We are a great live band because we know that playing live comes first and everything else comes second," says Aaron. "Every show is different, never rehearsed. We feed off each other, and the crowd really sets us off." .
             "People are looking for something tangible in music," adds Benjamin. "It often seems there's nothing for people to attach to, nothing to identify with, no motivation, and nothing inspiring. I'm a firm believer that inspiration does exist, you just have to find it." Said Ian in his biography he wrote when he was in his first band.
             With their self-titled debut, Billy Talent takes their rock rebellion to a people eager for their own inspiration. Billy Talent makes this jump with a inspiration that makes reality.
             My friends and I arrived at the concert at about 7:30 but the show did not start till eight.

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