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Human Genotype

            Humans are going way beyond their limits in the field of biotechnology in the world today. Until recently, these ideas were unheard of. Now with new technology, scientists are capable of changing an organism's genetic make-up. We are very eager to learn new things, however, this eagerness gets in the way of common sense all too often. As stated in Starr and Taggart's article, "we do not have the wisdom to bring about beneficial changes without causing great harm to ourselves or to the environment." (514). However, the nave public may want to jump right into things, and scientists will not disagree.
             Scientists are messing with things that they should not be messing with. Once again, they are overstepping their boundaries. They have barely taken the time or consideration to notice the moral and ethical dilemmas of cloning, let alone to know exactly what they are getting themselves into. The problem with the world today, is that everyone wants all these exciting things to happen without considering the consequences. New knowledge and technology is not used responsibly. It must be realized that cloning is disastrous and scientists should not do it.
             I learned in a high school biology class that President Bill Clinton believes that everyone in the world should get their "DNA prints" when they are young (similar to fingerprints) and store them in a big library so that DNA can be used to identify any criminal. However, this is arguably a bit unethical, and, even if it is not seen as unethical, it just makes the situation a little tenser. These "DNA prints" would mean that the government would have access to everyone's genes. They would know everything about everyone; could tell their weaknesses, approximate health problems, etc. This is an invasion of privacy. As Nelkin says "DNA is the essence of the person" (527). Scientists may even tap into these resources for cloning purposes.
             In conclusion, the ethical and moral implications of cloning are such that it would be wrong for anyone to agree with it.

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