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Human Cloning

            After 276 unsuccessful attempts, a team of British scientists were able to clone Dolly, the world's first genetically cloned animal. In the future, there may be many positive uses for cloning, but getting there will be very costly not only fiscally, but also in loss of life. Several other animals, such as mice, frogs, and cattle have not survived in initial cloning attempts (Stalzer, 2). There is also no guarantees that cloned humans will fare any better if it is attempted. Currently Congress is debating a bill that will make human cloning illegal in this country and back in 2001, then President Bill Clinton put federal regulations on cloning. This does not go far enough in preventing human cloning. Hopefully in the end Congress and President Bush will successfully implement legislation outlawing human cloning. Despite the potential benefits such as exact organ donor matches, there are both physical and social harms caused by human cloning that exceed any benefits that may be gained.
             One strong argument made against cloning is the negative impact it will have on religion and people's faith. For example, cloning really demonstrates that science is attempting to play God. Among the different things that scientists are ultimately looking to do that should be left for God include: the ability to decide when a person should be born and when he or she should die and also the power to control the actions that are the mark of divine omnipotence (Nussbaum, 168). For example, if humans could be cloned, the legacy of a life and its impact on others would be diminished because that person could just be recreated. Human cloning would take away the uniqueness and dignity that makes human life so special. The worth of the clone lessens in value because it can no be labeled as a "commodity" (Stalzer, 3). Furthermore by allowing humans to become a commodity, people can bring back lost loved ones or have another one created.

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