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All Quiet On The Western Front Comradeship

             A comrade is a companion or a friend, throughout the book written by Erich Maria Remarque, called All Quiet on the Western Front;(AQWF) the recruits share a tight bond between each other. The recruits also shared a lasting and laudable attitude to comradeship and their love towards one another. The recruits counted on each other and they trusted each other at all times. The goose incident shows that comradeship means everything to the soldiers. .
             As Kat and Paul sit down by the fire and roast the goose. Paul realizes that he looks up to Kat and he considers Kat as a father to him. Paul and Kat shared everything with each other and they had many similarities. Both Kat and Paul would have never known each other during peacetime, but the war had brought their lives together in a crucible of horror. .
             At the starting of the war, many recruits had to leave their families to join hundreds of other recruits who left their love ones behind also. The recruits counted on each other and each of them had strong friendships towards each other. The recruits soon considered each other as family as most of the men left their own families back at home. They did everything a family would do in a terrifying situation. The recruits protected and looked out for each other, they also got along very well. When the men witness the war and how depressing it is, they go to each other for moral support. The sounds of shells roaring in the skies scared the men and the men started losing confidence in themselves but the fact that each recruit had the same feelings about war they helped each other get over their fears. Each company did everything they could to love and care for each other. When a recruit was injured they would shoot the man to take him out of his misery. They cared so much for each other that they would kill an injured recruit so they no longer have to suffer and die slowly. The cries from the injured men really impacted many recruits" lives and it made them think about death and pain.

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