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Gun Control

            While one child spends his Sunday afternoon with his parents going to church, another child spends his Sunday afternoon home alone in his underprivileged housing development. After church the first child asks his dad if they could all go to lunch at his favorite fast food restaurant. The second child has hopes to attend the very same restaurant for his lunch but has to settle for left over pizza, due to the fact that he was just beat up while trying to exit his housing complex to walk himself to lunch. During the first child's lunch he ask's his dad if they can play catch and practice baseball because of the championship game he will have in the upcoming week. While eating his pizza the second child thinks how he can defend himself against the bullies that take advantage of him in his housing complex as well as at school. After the father of the first child plays catch with his son he asks him to take a bath and go off to bed telling him that he has a busy week ahead of him. During this same time frame the second child still remains home alone since his family has to work around the clock to make ends meet. While alone the child stumbles upon his fathers gun that is registered to him, and is used for nothing more then hunting purposes. The child takes the gun and places it in his backpack with the intentions of doing nothing more then scaring the bullies that torment him everyday. The following morning the first child get's dropped off to school by his mother and blows her a kiss as he walks up the steps. The second child is dropped off to school by the bus. As he walks up the very same steps as the first child he looks back without anyone to blow a kiss too. During the first passing period the first and second child bump into each other and continue walking to class thinking nothing of having seen one another in school everyday. During lunch the same bullies start to torment the second child has they had previously done.

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