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Music report Trumpet

             I've been attending Kent State University Trumbull Campus for four years now and my experience here has been overwhelming, especially in the musical field. I learned a great deal of varieties in music since I've been here. Dr. Denise Seachrist who is an associate professor of music and coordinator of the performing arts series, made me aware of the actual musical and recital held here at Kent State Trumbull. What a wonderful idea for these students. On February 13, 2003 I went to my first trumpet recital. The experience was very pleasing. Of course the instruments they used were trumpets but accompanied with a piano, which is a beautiful combination. At the beginning of the recital the three artists performed a harmonious piece from Petronio Francheschini. The two trumpet performers were playing the melody and harmonizing with the piano. Secondly, the dynamics of the music had a fortissimo sound. The trumpet has a very unique sound because it always seems like it's never too loud or never too soft. Hardin Butcher, the leading performer, played most of the selections that was always accompanied by the piano played by Dana Brown. In the actual program of the recital the terms allegro, adagio, and moderato are mentioned. .
             Throughout the recital these terms come into play because momentarily at different intervals they played fast, slow, or medium. Also in the selections they gradually increase the tempo and gradually decrease the tempo, which are the terms accelerando and retardando. The music was not amplified at all but played from a live perspective. My friend and I were trying to listen to each individual meter and figure out if it was duple or triple. We took what we learned in class and began to move our hand like we were classical composers directing a symphony orchestra. Hardin Butcher explained in great detail about each selection, year and who proposed it when he was about to present, so the audience could have an understanding of what type of music he was playing.

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