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Music: The effects on people

            These days everybody is talking about how music is causing teen shootings, suicides, and robberies. Music cannot have that much effect on people. There has to be another reason for these things. So should music take the blame for our acts in public? .
             Although many people believe that music affects people does not mean that it is true, that's why people should stop blaming the music they listen to because it is not their life being told in the songs, which they try to act out. Also because people need to take responsibility for their actions, because music cannot force them to do things, and because music doesn't have that much of an effect on the mind.
             To begin with many people say that music is corrupting the minds of people these days. One reason is that some people try to live out what is in the songs they listen to. Secondly people don't take the responsibly that comes from their actions when they do something wrong so they look for something to blame it on. Also they say the music drove me to do these things. Finally music does not have that much of an effect on people.
             The reasons for people's actions above are not backed up by any evidence that came prove that they are true. There is much more reason why people should stop blaming music for there problems. .
             Lately music has been blamed for many crimes and that is outrageous although it is not that person's life being told in the music. How can music pull that trigger of a gun in the criminal's hand? Some songs have references to violence or crime in them but it is the life of the listener. The listener may think that it is a lot like theirs but it is not their song (Eby par.56). "No form of popular music is important enough to justify excusing racism, sexual bigotry, and endorsement of sociopathic violence- (Popular Par. Two). No form of music is powerful enough to make someone murder.

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