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Psychological Effects of Music

             I do undoubtedly believe that music has an effect, both positive and negative, on a person"s emotional and psychological state. I, myself, have thought deeply into the possibilities of music contributing to people"s emotions time and time again. I can see the impact that music has on myself and people who I am close too. It is my belief that music has the ability to ultimately alter someone's mood and thoughts.
             One genre of music won't necessarily have the same effect on everyone. For example, let's look at "hard core" music; while it may offend many people, for others, like myself, it is a gateway to our emotions, raw and uncut, without the usual sugar-coating you get with other types of music. .
             Some believe that this music could possibly lead to a deranged mental state, but if this is the case, who's to say that listening to a love song after a breakup or even a fast paced pop song when all you want to do is relax couldn't possibly have the same effect?.
             I am in no way trying to directly defend this genre, but I do not believe it is necessary or worthwhile to single out the supposed "bad music". Is it or is it not feasible that one could be positively influenced by this type of music? This strongly backs up my point that music effects everyone in an unique way.
             However, I have not yet figured out my position on music making people unaware of their actions. To a certain extent I can agree with it. I, myself, have been caught tapping my foot along to a song on the radio or humming something to myself as I walk to my next class. For now though, until I am hit with convincing evidence, the foot tapping and humming is as far as i will go with this theory.
             When it comes to people hurting themselves and others because of music, I believe it's just a cover-up for deeply rooted psychological problems that he or she may be dealing with at the time. Many times it's easier to blame what's really going on in someone's head on something totally different.

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