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Louis Armstrong

             For my report, I am doing Louis Armstrong. He was born August 4th, 19o1, and was raised by a poor New Orleans family. Louis was a poor orphan, and at the age of 12, he was sent to a reform school for firing a gun into the air on New Years Eve. There, he learned to play the cornet, which got him into the music business. Although Louis didn't have an instrument at the time, he enjoyed listening to "The Hot Style Band", and his favorite musician was Joe King Oliver, who acted as the Louis" father and teacher. Joe King Oliver gave Louis his first cornet, and in Chicago in 1922, Louis was part of his favorite band. During this time, Louis met Lillian Hardin and married her, but they disagreed on Louis" position in the band, so they divorced. .
             Not only was Louis a good trumpet player, but he also had a deep raspy voice that no other singer had. In 1931, he moved back to New Orleans, to form his own band. Louis hired Joe Glaser as his manager, and Joe took care of everything, leaving Louis to focus on his music. They hired the musicians from Joe King Oliver's Group, and renamed the band "Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra". He married his second wife, Alpha Smith, and after 1 year, divorced her and married Lucille Wilson, who he stayed with for the rest of his life. .
             Joe Glaser fired their band and replaced it with a less popular and smaller one. In the 196o's, Louis became known as America's Ambassador, because he toured so much of the world. He recorded the song "Hello Dolly", and it was the #1 song in 1963, years after jazz was no longer popular. Armstrong's health began to fail after he sang another of his hit songs, "Oh What a Wonderful World". Louis Armstrong died at the age of 7o in New York, in 1971.

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