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Louis Armstrong

             Jazz is one of the most influential music genres of all time.
             Armstrong is considered to be the most famous and influential performers in the history .
             of jazz. He alone influenced the entire jazz population with his wonderful voice and .
             powerful trumpet. Louis Armstrong played a huge role in the modernization of jazz .
             (Cook 723). .
             Daniel Louis Armstrong was born sometime in the year of 1898 in New Orleans. .
             From birth Armstrong was faced with many obstacles in his path of life. Willie .
             Armstrong, his father left the family out to dry at the time of Louis" birth. Louis" mother .
             gave him to his grandmother for raising, and later he returned home to his mother. He .
             lived in poverty with only one friend, his mother. At a young age he was placed around .
             music. He lived all around saloons, halls, and brothels (Armstrong1 1).
             Louis Armstrong sang in a barbershop quartet to earn a little money. This was .
             just one of many jobs held by Louis to survive. Singing in the barbershop quartet helped .
             him acquire the necessary ear training for music he would need later (Armstrong1 1).
             Celebrating New Year Eve's with the boys in the barbershop quartet Louis fired a .
             pistol. Later he was then arrested, and he was sent to a Colored Waifs Home in New .
             Orleans. While in the Colored Waif Home he received musical training by a member of .
             the staff. This was his first training on the cornet. Armstrong's delinquency led him into a .
             career of fame. Louis Armstrong, not having a father figure in his life, began a life in the .
             streets. While Louis stayed in the streets Louis began to make a name for himself in jazz .
             clubs (Armstrong 1). .
             His mentor "King" Oliver, a well-known cornetist, asked for Louis to join his .
             King 2.
             Creole Jazz Band (Armstrong 2). Armstrong joined " King" Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. .
             This would help Louis get exposed to the public in the northern states. Louis became the .
             lead singer and cornetist in the band. Louis did not know it but " King " Oliver wanted .

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