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Louis armstrong

            The Video about Louis Armstrong truly impressed me for the very first time. It shows us how hard, life was during his childhood. He struggled so many times in his live before he became a great musician. His talent and his willing to learn from other musicians made him a great musician. He learns so much about jazz music from Joe "king" Oliver.
             Louis Armstrong changed the musical landscape at his time. He was the first jazz artist who combined trumpet and an original musical vision with an entertainer's sense of presence and beauty. The result would make him the most influential instrumentalist of his generation, and bring him the respect and adulation of musicians of all eras to come, as well as a vast audience beyond jazz that has never stopped growing. .
             In my opinion, Louis Armstrong is the greatest trumpet stylist of all time and has influenced every trumpet player of his time and long after, he also inspired singer like Billy Holiday and Nat "King" Cole. As a singer, he was one of the originators of scat singing. Over the next fifty years, his influence spread far beyond jazz, and he became one of the world's best-loved entertainers. What I like from his performance is that he always smiles and tells jokes to the audience.
             Louis Armstrong is a great actor, but he's not categorized as an actor. In 1950's he appear in 11 movies and sometimes during his performance he also doing some acting on the stage. He doesn't want his audience just sit down on their chair. He wants them to dance with his music and he loves to see them smile, maybe that's the reason why he always smile and telling jokes during his performance. .
             Nothing can stop Louis Armstrong; even dynamite can't stop him. Once someone thrown dynamite onto the stage during his performance, then after the show he tells everyone that he didn't pay attention to it, all he want is to blown the horn. In the early 60's his illness holds him a little, but he continue what he always done with his own style.

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