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The Car

             The Car .
             My book was The Car ;Written By Gary Paulsen. My story was an adventure .
             taking place in the early nineties in Cleveland, Ohio.
             Fourteen year old Terry Andrews experiences his internal conflict of his parents .
             leaving him right at the beginning of the story. Terry's parents never really respected Terry and often ignored him. As long as Terry remembers his parents have never gotten along and are constantly fighting, often excluding Terry from their lives. On a certain night neither of Terry's parents came home from work and terry was surprisingly enjoyed the peace. The first call from his parents came at 8 o"clock one night from his mother telling Terry that she would not be home and to tell his father the same. No more than an hour later his father called to tell him the same news as his mother had. Terry thought for a minute and suddenly realized that he was alone with the car. The resolution of the internal conflict came when Terry decided to build the kit car that his father received as a payment. Terry was told that he could never touch it so that his father would always have a reminder to always get paid up front. Terry decided to start building the car which was known as the Bearcat. Terry stayed up for countless hours building and fixing every little thing on the cat until it was absolutely perfect. With Terry's parents still gone Terry decided to go on a road trip to see his forgotten uncle in Portland. When Terry gets ready for the road trip the external conflict slowly comes in with several different obstacles Terry has to get through.

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