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"To Junoon, Or not to Junoon"

            This Article deals with Junoon's past 13 years of career and now its transudation in terms of their Music and Image. Personlly I think Junoon's "Deewar" is the finest album ever created by Junoon, with the exception of Inquilaab and Parwaaz. I always loved the music that Junoon started off with i.e. Pop/Rock. Their debut album had some amazing chartbusters such as "Need Aati Nahin" "Rangoon Mein Khoya" "Khawab" "Mere Paas Aaja" & "Chori Chori". Some of these tracks are still alive & kicking. This album did sounded a bit popish & that is due to one of their (that time) member Nusrat Hussain. .
             Then came in their 2nd offering Taalash, & their first with Brian which was not even close to be as good as their debut effort. Though it did had some decent numbers such as "Bheegi Yaadein", "Taalash" and "Heeray", which didn't kill Junoon's junoon. .
             Their 3rd album Inquilaab as every one know created history & was a come back album for Junoon. It was "kind of" like Strings come back album Duur in the recent years. But only the impact was even better due to "Jazba-e-Junoon". Yup, you know the story behind it, so I rather not repeat those words of praises. Besides this obsessive full of passion number the whole was a masterpiece, you can't chose any track that wasn't a chartbuster. "Junoon had arrived" claimed the newspapers & review writers. This was the kind of music Junoon should have kept on doing with a few experimentations. .
             Junoon became the biggest band since then In Pakistan. .
             Junoon then made headlines for getting in to politics i.e. "Ehtesaab" & got banned.
             After the mind-blowing album "Inquilaab" (I think success got into their heads), Junoon made its first complete transudation and took up Sufism. Junoon released "Azaadi", which personally I think could have been & may be is Junoon's worst album besides "Ishq/Andaaz" & "Taalash". Not many know but Azaadi was not a hot-seller in the beginning until the "HYPE" that was created around it.

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