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Male Rapper

             In today's society at least one specific gender stereotype is being upheld and this specific gender stereotype is that of a male rap-recording artist. Male rappers, through their lyrics put an emphasis on money and the millions they make, on the cars they drive, and on the houses they own with all the necessities. A true male rap-recording artist is known by this stereotype because most all of them uphold it and they are "true to the game" (Snoop Dog). .
             A male rapper would not be "true to the game" without his cars. He has to "get his roll on" (Big Tymers). A usual car of choice for a male rap-recording artist is a Benz, Vette, Hummer, Cadillac, or Bentley. These are all top of the line, expensive cars with an emphasis on money. They not only buy these expensive cars, but they also add accessories such as televisions, DVD's, and custom stereo systems. Along with these accessories male rap-recording artists are known to "roll on dubs" (Master P). This specifically means that he would put twenty-inch rims or more on his car. Not only do male rap-recording artists like the glamour of their cars, but they like the power of cars. One rapper states that "V-12's are better" and "nothing else will do" (Big Tymers). Through songs, male rap-recording artists talk about their cars and show off their money and thus are stereotyped to be the types of people who "run this way" (Kilo). When an average person thinks about a male rapper they typically categorize them with having cars. .
             Along with cars male rap-recording artists are "all about their houses" (Ja Rule) and are stereotyped this way. Much information can be obtained about these professionals" homes through MTV's Cribs. Most male rap-recording artists own million dollar homes and have everything you could dream of to come with them. A male rap-recording artist home would not be complete without expensive entertainment systems, big screen televisions, DVD players, and high tech luxurious accommodations protected by "high surveillance security systems" (Silkk the Shocker).

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