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Role of Newspaper

             Newspapers are more than just a sheets of paper lined with ink.
             hold a much greater significance than providing profit for the company. It is through the.
             reading of the newspaper that society is informed of the events going on in the world. .
             Granted this information is also easily attained by the flip of the television switch or the.
             turn of the radio knob; however newspapers provide its audience with far more in-depth.
             details of the happenings in the community, state, country, and the world.
             Newspapers offer a window to the outside world. When a man leaves his house in.
             the morning, and heads for the newspaper sitting at the head of his drive way, the man is.
             eager to know what is new in the world. He wants to know how the War on Terror is.
             going. He wants to know who is going to play in the semi-finials. He wants to know.
             what is going to air on television tonight. Newspapers hold a strong position in society.
             in providing society with great amounts of information, but they also play a major role in.
             the development of an intellectual class.
             Although many people deem it superfluous to read the newspaper due to in influx.
             in the use of television and radio, there are many others who beg to differ. Many argue.
             that television helps the mind to grow lazy and faul, while newspapers help one to.
             improve his/ her reading skills. One's eyes are pushed to work harder in the reading of the.
             newspaper; where as one's eyes are put to rest in staring at a television screen. Watching.
             television retards the development of the mind in that it stops the mind from thinking for.
             itself. Ideas become replaced with suggested images. Contrary to television viewing,.
             reading the newspaper allows the reader to develop his/her own ideas on the articles.
             involved. Every time a person reads the newspaper, he/she is working to improve their.
             reading, thinking, and debating skills. They are allowing their minds to put pieces of a.

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