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Review of Early Middle Colonies

            The British didn't see much promise in early Northern colonial America.
             -This place had rocky shores, cold long winters, short growing seasons, no mining.
             possibilities, no major cash crops.
             NEW ENGLAND.
             -Life in England wasn't great, and with even worse times ahead many were driven to .
             New England.
             -King James I vowed to purge all radical Protestants out of England.
             -Puritans were the ones he wanted out.
             -Most puritans were either Presbyterians or Congregationalists.
             - Were guided by Ministers and higher governing bodies.
             -Answered to no higher authority, each congregation is their own authority.
             -Puritans were Calvinists and believed in predestination.
             God has ordained the outcome of history and the eternal fate of every individual human.
             -The Puritans become critics of The Church of England because they believed that the .
             church .
             had not done enough to purify the corruptions of Roman Catholicism.
             The Separatists.
             -Congregationalists who abandoned Anglican worship and met secretly in small .
             -First appeared in the 1570s.
             -Suffered persecution from the government fines imprisonment and sometimes even .
             - Some in 1608 moved to Holland for religious freedom.
             -But when their children started to adopt Dutch customs they moved again to Virginia.
             -Virginia was never reached but they did settle in Nov 1620 the "Pilgrims" established .
             -They had arrived to late to plant crops and failed to bring adequate supplies and didn't.
             receive supplies.
             -By the spring of 1621 half the colony was dead.
             -Two natives Squanto and Samoset helped the colony survive by introducing native.
             strains of corn and .
             setting up a treaty between the Indians and the colony.
             -The Pilgrims set up a government based on their Mayflower Compact.
             -A governor and several assistants were elected annually by all the adult males in the.
             -The colony had no royal approval but there were bigger problems to deal with .

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