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Tucker Caliban and Reverend Bennett Bradshaw as Leaders

            The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a leader as a person who has a commanding influence or authority. According to David Willson "the leaders of revolutions actually help their followers to find the courage already within themselves- (151). Reverend Bennett Bradshaw and Tucker Caliban are leaders because they acted out of a sense of duty to themselves and actions were motivated in search of fame or recognition but duty to themselves and African American community as a whole. By Standing up for what they believed in Tucker and Reverend Bradshaw gave the townspeople the courage to have faith in themselves and take their lives into their hands.
             Reverend Bennett Bradshaw is introduced as a youth and characteristic of his age he is idealistic and nave. He believed that Negro leadership had "followed in the footsteps of the Negro overseers of plantation times. Each is out for himself and money is the thing- (157). As roommates in college Bradshaw and David Willson discussed what contributions they could make to the Negro movement; hoping together to lead "peoples to the things- they "felt were right for them- (177). However, Willson's friendship with Bradshaw did not give David the courage needed to rebel against the oppressiveness of south and his father to pursue his dreams in New York. Though Bradshaw was disappointed with David he did not turn his back the cause. He continued his work through the National Society for Colored Affairs. Then when the National Society for Colored Affairs turned their back on him for his communist affiliations, he founded an organization which he believed would help him affect social change "The Resurrected Church of the Black Jesus Christ of America, Incorporated. The church was another opportunity for Bradshaw to improve race relations, appealing not to intellect but to religion. While it may seem as if Bradshaw's messages changed; it did not.

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