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             Preston Tucker was a man who revolutionized car design in the late 1940s. The Tucker automobile had many advanced, innovative features, from its fastback shape to its center headlight and independent four-wheel suspension. Enhanced passenger safety was one of the Tucker's principal features. However, The Tucker never entered into full production, but its design and innovative mechanical features had captured a larger share of the new-car market and able to compete with other big automobile companies at that time. .
             Leadership skills:.
             Preston Tucker was a dreamer. He has lots of idea of building his car. That's very important for a leader since you have to come out ideas for your followers and employees. On the other hand, he always prepared to challenge. He knew that if he wanted to build a car that can compete with other big companies, he should make something different such as many innovative features in it. Therefore, Preston Tucker intended to mass-produce a "car of the future" with advanced safety, styling, and engineering features. Like other great leaders, his passion influenced his group listen his every commands. His followers could strongly feel how much Tucker trusted them. He always kept close relationship with his team so that his team members never felt he was their boss.
             He was a good judge of character as well. He knew how to choose the right people and how to use his people effectively. He was really good at taking an organization and problem solving. When any problems appeared, he knew how to solve it either in ethical or unethical ways. On the other hand, he also had good communication skills as well. One part of the movie was about the first show of his Tucker's; when he almost finished his introduction of his car in the exhibition center, his members suddenly told him that there were still some problems on the car which couldnt show to people yet. He acted quickly and started to introduce his wife and family in order to extend the time of showing the car.

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