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The Hunt For the Red October

            The Red October was a Russian missile submarine that was under the command of Captain Ramius. It was the largest submarine ever built by the Russians, weighting well over 30,000 tons, and longer then two football fields. It had a crew of 100 men and 15 officers.
             One of the memorable scenes was in chapter 11 "The Crown Jewels", on page 238. This chapter is describing a mission by the SSN Parche. The sub was being sent out to retrieve a telephone-tapping it had previously installed on a submarine telephone line in the Barents Sea. This mission would not be conducted via the polar ice cap, as the previous one had been. This was done incase the Soviets were following the sub's deployments and also due to suspected spy. For this mission they would sail down the west coast, around the Cape Horn and up though the Atlantic and back again without surfacing. The mission would be conducted under a cover story as an endurance mission. .
             My Favorite character would be Captain Ramius because he knew what he was doing. If there was something he believed in or wanted to do he would do it and nothing would stop him. If it doesn't work then he would try to correct his mistakes and do it again. My least favorite character was the putin, political officer. He did not know anything about sea travel but had equal authority to the sub's Captain. Ramius did not like him ether because he was telling Ramius what to do when he had no clue about sea travel and sometimes he had made no sense. In Chapter 1 Ramius killed him.
             If I was able to play one of the characters roles it would be Ramius. I think that he had a lot of action in the book and movie. Also everybody that was on the sub liked him so he didn't have to worry about his crew trying to kill him. I think with all my experiences, feelings, or ideas have no relation to this book. .
             The setting was mostly on the sub. It affects the characters life a little because there was no way of escaping.

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