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Where the red fern grows

             The book I read for my book report was, Where The Red Fern Grows, by Wison Rawls. It was published in October 1996 and consists of 212 pages. It is about a boy's journey to get his own dogs and his hunting trips with them. The story takes place in the Ozark Mountains in Northeastern Oklahoma. This setting is very important because it is where they hunt and also why Billy is a country type of boy. Wilson Rawls wrote this book to show what a boy's determination can accomplish and at how young of an age you can be to accomplish the goals that you want.
             There are many times in the book when Billy turns to god and asks him for help. When he wants the dogs he asks god to help him get themand he does. When the dogs tree their first coon in a large sycamoore that is too big for Billy to cut down he prays and a gust of wind blows the rest of the tree down that he didn't cut. Again he prays when Little Ann falls into icy water and he thinks that there is nothing he can do until he prays and his lantern handle falls over from a straight up position. The sound gives him the idea to make a hook of the handle to fish her out. All of these incidents have made a major impact on Billy. He believes in god much more than he had the time before. He even asks his mom if god answers all prayers. She is delighted by his question. .
             Another incident in which Billy is effected greatly is when the local bullies, the Pritchard boys, dare Billy to a bet that his dogs can't catch the ledgendary "ghost coon". Billy has to meet the boys at there property to start hunting. Most of the night Billy can not hear his dogs and the oldest boy, Ruben, keeps telling him to give up. Then Little Ann using her wits catches the coon in a hollowed out fence post. This makes Ruben angry so he lets out his Dog, Old Blue, to kill the coon but instead gets into a fight with Old Dan and Little Ann. Ruben thinking that his dog can handle the two starts to beat up on Billy untill he hears his dog dying and runs to break up the fight with an axe.

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