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Where the Red Fern Grows

             Where the "Red the Red Fern grows" By Wilson Rawls is a tale of unending courage, and an undisputed love for a boy and his dog. Billy is a young boy who lives near the Ozark mountains. He has a loving mother, a hard working father, and three little sisters. They live on a farm and do what they casn to make there way in what those times were. For some time Billy had an urge, but he didn't know what it was for. Finally one day, Billy figured what it was: Dogs! After what seemed to be an eternity, Billy saved up enough money and got two little dogs. He named them little Ann and Old Dan after a carving in a stump he saw bringing the pups home. Billy trained these spiteful pups into very good hunting hounds. Billy spent a long time hunting and feeding and loving his dogs. One day Billy brought the dogs with him to his grandfathers store in town to get some supplies for dinner. On his way out, he caught up with two of the meanest, ugliest and rude kids in all of the Ozark mountains,Rainie and Rubin Pritchard. The two boys had heard of the great tales of old Dan and little Ann., and made a bet with Billy and his grandpa, to catch the meanest and slyest coon there ever was, The Ghost Coon! At first Billy didn't want to take up the bet, but Billy's grandfather had convinced Billy to do it. The next day Billy went out and met up with the Pritchard's. The hunting commenced. After hours and hours, the two hounds treed the old coon. The Pritchard's were amazed. How was it that this young Billy could catch the sly coon but they couldn't! they were so mad they refused to give Billy his money and a fight commenced. Will Billy survive this encounter? And what of Bill's pups? Read this exciting tale and find out!.

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