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Lee Deforest accomplishments and failures towards communicat

            Why do people who make astonishing discoveries sometimes get deprived of the recognition? Is that we do not use any of these great innovations because they are out dated or obsolete? These questions are characteristic of the life a man by the name of Lee DeForest also known as "the father of American radio," had led. Lee was a sad case of this harsh reality. .
             DeForest, born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1873, grew up to become an ambitious young man. He was known "as a boy that didn't want to become a Congregational minister like his father," he had different plans(Longden,2003). He graduated from Yale University in 1896 with a PhD and completed a thesis on radio waves. Lee started inventing things such as a puzzle game and then from there he improved the type bar on his typewriter. In 1906, DeForest invented a three-element electron tube, and called it the audion tube. Dissimilar from the Diode tube developed by British engineer John Ambrose Fleming, DeForest's three segmented audion tube could produce signals which moved to and fro and made it possible to transmit sound waves over wireless communication systems. He believed "these tubes made it possible to amplify radio signals and to send them over long distances"(DeForest;Olga,1999). DeForest had a tendency to stumble upon significant finds and not understand the logic behind them. He would create things and not see their full worth. The Audion tube is a great example of one of those inventions in which DeForest did not fully understand it's potential. He happened to stumble upon the audion tube while working to improve wireless telegraph systems while toying and modifying the creations of other inventors, mainly Edison's. The audion tube consisted of a filament and a plate in a glass tube containing some gas. He placed a rugged plate between the filament and the other plate. This enabled the current through the tube to have more force.

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