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The Effects of Deforestation

             We all know that the world is a place where we should educate ourselves about and cherish forever. Although, how often does this really happen? Sad statistics prove that our forests have taken a huge negative impact towards the modern day life. Over eighty percent of the world's natural forests have disappeared over time leaving countless animals without habitats. The annihilation of forests around the world is continuing at an alarming rate lowering the quality of land and life for not only people, but also animals, and a stop to this form of abuse needs to occur before it is too late. .
             The Positive Effects.
             Cutting down forests does have some positive outcomes to consider. Economically, deforestation gives us a boost providing farm land from what was once a forest. Houses, buildings, and factories have become more abundant from the wood deforestation provides. Furthermore, numerous roads may be built providing easier trade and transport, which is much more convenient than navigating around a forest (Willem Van Cotthem). .
             The Negative Effects.
             There are an infinite number of negative consequences of deforestation compared to the few positive effects. Although people get more space and houses from deforestation, where are the native .
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             animals of the forest supposed to go? Without a habitat to thrive in, huge amounts of species may soon become extinct. Also, with continuous deforestation, desertification has occurred. When all plant life has been removed from the soil, it starts to lose its nutrients extremely quickly because of the fact that the soil is not used to the weather conditions it has to endure so suddenly. Since the soil is no longer fertile, it is difficult to sustain agricultural use for an extended period of time. Therefore deforestation has to occur more and more often in order for the agriculture to affect the economy positively. .
             Disasters have also occurred from the lack of forests.

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