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Bob dylan

             To me and many other people that have never heard Bob Dylan, he probably seems like a Grateful Dead kind of artist. That's the way I though of him at least. I never really gave him a chance, because I had always heard my mom talk about him and she only listens to Grateful Dead and bands like them. After listening and seeing Bob Dylan in class I just almost fell in love with him and wanted to hear and see more of him.
             After listening to some of Dylan's songs, he seems like such a down to earth person. In all of his songs he just tells it how it is, not how people want to hear it. For example in "All I Want to Do" he is saying how all he wants to do is be friends, nothing more. And this is different from like the Beatles song that is "I love you yeah yeah yeah". He just makes the point that not all guys are looking for a girl just for sex, maybe just to be a friend. .
             Bob Dylan has such a great style of music that when you listen to his songs its so different from anything else. A lot of his songs are upbeat but they all have such a great meaning even though some are sad, they still have a beat, like, "Like a Rolling Stone" it's a great song to tap your foot to but the lyrics are so strong and meaningful. I also love when Dylan adds the harmonica in because it just sounds so good and makes the song even more enjoyable then it already was.
             One of the main things I like about Dylan's style is how he uses so many different music styles in his music. For example in "Tonight I"ll be Staying Here with You" it almost sounds like a Mo-town song or even gospel. Also in a lot of other songs he uses folk and country style, some blues, and a pop style. And how can anyone forget Dylan's voice. His voice is not a great voice but it's almost so bad that it is good. His voice just drags you in to the songs and also puts a mood into the songs. His voice is very scratchy and low but you can help but love it.

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