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Pre Vietnam War Music

            When we look at music that was written before the height of Vietnam War we can see that some people are already opposed to war. The best example of this anti-war anti-government music is that of Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan's blues/folk music was far from the main stream, but people slowly came to realize the magnitude and depth of his talent. .
             When listening to Dylan's music you quickly come to see his hate of war, death, big business, and government. In Dylan's "Hero Blues" (lyrics) he explains doesn't want to be a soldier or go to war. He shows us this by telling of his girl that wants him to "be a hero." You can almost hear the argument he is having with her. Dylan portrays the girl as selfish for wanting a boy that is a hero so she can tell all her friends. From the lyrics: "When I'm dead/ No more good times will I crave/ You can stand and shout hero/ All over my lonesome grave"(1.) he shows us that war will do nothing for him but kill him. It is clear that he has no patriotic drive when it comes to being a soldier. .
             This lack of patriotism is explained in "Masters of War."(lyrics) The angry nature of this song is uncharacteristic of Bob Dylan. Of the song Dylan says, "I've never really written anything like this before. I don't sing songs which hope people will die, but I couldn't help it in this one. The song is a sort of striking out, a reaction to the last straw, a feeling of what can you do?"(2.) In "Masters of War" Dylan puts in his two cents on how he feels about the businesses that make weaponry and the government that starts these wars that historically boost the economy and put lots of cash in the pockets of these business men. Dylan starts the song by describing these men as old, rich and cowardly. He compares them to Judas, who betrayed Jesus; later in the song he shows that he believes they are worse than Judas by saying, "Even Jesus would never / Forgive what you do."(3.) Dylan criticizes them for playing with the world as if they were gods.

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