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God as a Women in Hinduism

            Devi is the personification of the ultimate omnipotent energy, which is behind all forms of creation. The source and sustenance of all creation is Sakti. This all-powerful energy is referred to as Brahman in Vedanta philosophy. Brahman is the static form of energy. When this energy starts evolving, or when it becomes dynamic, it is called Sakti. Devi, is neither wholly static nor wholly dynamic, it is both. .
             Devi is the Universal Spiritual Energy. Creation, preservation and dissolution of the universe is all Her play, so is the lifting of devotees from the continuous cycle of birth and death. She is the very epitome of spiritual sublimity and power. She symbolizes wordly well being and also the victory of good over evil. She is the light that drives away all darkness. She is the wind that dispels all human misfortunes. She has not only been described as the very essence of the Holy Scriptures but even of all the Gods. .
             Even though She personifies many attributes, She is at the same time, one Indivisible Spirit. She is formless and timeless. All the Gods in Heaven bow to Her and worship Her and yet She can be reached by anyone, from a king to a peasant, through complete devotion, faith and most important of all, with childlike love.
             God or the Supreme Being is in truth, beyond all distinctions of sex and personality. God personifies the highest attributes we, as humans can think of. In Hinduism, the Supreme Being or the Supreme Supernatural Power is conceived as anthropomorphic, because an abstract doctrine of an unseen Supernatural Supreme Being or pure Energy is not comprehensible to the common man. .
             Energy has always been portrayed as a female deity in Hindu mythology. The concept of the Supreme God being female i.e. Mother is also evident in Hindu mythological literature, the Tantras and Hindu architecture. The origins of Mother-worship can be traced back to the time of the Indus Valley Civilization.

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