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Causes of Divorce

             The last decades have shown a rise in the rate of divorce. Nobody marries with expectation of failure. Married couples never contemplate that the person they once loved could later seem to be a stranger and perhaps even an enemy. Many studies have found higher rates of divorce among professional women because they can support themselves instead of being tied to a breadwinner. However, not all marriages fail for the same reason. Nor is there usually one reason for the breakdown of a particular marriage. Nevertheless, we hear some reasons more often than others. Therefore, I have a Question? What is the cause (or Causes) for this alarming number of divorces? But I don't claim to have all the answers but I do believe that I have observed certain things that contribute to the many divorces that take place each year.
             For example, parents needs to teach their children from the time they are able to be taught that when they reach the age when they will be selecting a marriage companion. They must consider this a relationship, which will exist so long as they both shall live. Many young people enter into marriage with the attitude of mind that if things do not work out, as they would desire they can always get a divorce. Young people need to understand that when difficulties and problems arise divorce is not an option. They have and must never be considered as a solution to their problems. .
             Selfishness is another cause of divorce. For instance, I have known men and women whose thought of no one but themselves. They would spend all their free time doing only the things they enjoyed doing. They would spend large sums of money on themselves and on things they wanted but never consider doing the same for theirs wives or husbands. As long as husbands or wives continue to think only of themselves and their own selfishness we will continue to see these marriages ending in divorce.

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