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Sex Tourism in Africa

            What remedies are in place for South African children who are sexually exploited?.
             "If we were able to part the mists of time and gaze out over South Africa, as it existed during the time of San hunters and Khoi-Khoi herders (native people of the region, with the lush vegetation, green pastures, abundance in food and a society free of colonialism, it would come as no surprise if you would remark "what went wrong?"" .
             South Africa's first contact with colonialism and the issue of slavery had left South Africa in a constant state of chaos and instability. There are certain events that had changed the society of Africa and the younger generations, these include:.
             • The diamond and gold rush.
             • The resistance.
             • The Apartheid Laws .
             • Sharpeville killings .
             • The increase in Human Right violations.
              African's labour exploited.
              Detention with out trial - which resulted in mysterious deaths of some of Africa's greatest freedom fighters.
             • War and armed conflict in Africa.
             • Increase in HIV/Aids.
             The Apartheid legislation had finally been dismantled for South Africa leading to political freedom finally being achieved in 1994. The country was free from oppression and domination by the white South Africans. There were still issues of displacement for people due to the Group Areas Act . This had resulted in a break down in the economic industry. The new government was left with subsequent debts from the previous regime, huge unemployment rates, non-existent social welfare support, high level of domestic violence, low levels of education and high drop out rates at schools.
             Statistics and rising crime levels indicate young people had left their homes because of the increase in domestic violence, poverty and instability. These young children had turned to living on the streets trying to escape from the family environment.

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