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             Ever since we where born we have been faced with many decisions in our lives. In the instigation to the conclusion people will try to influence you to formulate the correct or incorrect decisions, but in the end, it is your own mind that makes the finalizing action that can have the ability to change the rest of your life. For an example: Think back to your childhood days. You are about four or five and sitting on the kitchen floor staring at the most enticing container of cookies that you have ever seen in your entire life. These cookies look so good that you will do anything to get your hands on them. You can"t take it any more so you stand up and pull all of the drawers out and slowly scramble up to the top of the counter. You are so close! As you make that concluding step your right foot slips and you plummet all the way to the floor. Overcome with hurt and fear you screech as loud as possible to get the attention of your mother. As she comes and pulls you into her arms you are overflowing with a sensation of comfort and warmth. These kinds of incidents are the type that might make us modify our decisions in the future. Sure, you might have the temptation to do it again, but did you have the guts?.
             Now envisage this four or five year child as a nonentity who happens to be an alcoholic. The only difference is that this nonentity doesn"t desire cookies, this nonentity desires alcohol and, not only does this nonentity just desire alcohol, he/she has an uncontainable desire to consume it. As this need progresses, this individual begins to cease to have compassion about the consequences that might occur if this individual makes some obviously immorally correct decisions. This individual's family soon avoids them because of trepidation or distrust, money becomes inadequate due to poor punctuality, causing them to become undesirable to employers, and shoddier drugs are now willfully being entered to their body.

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