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            Analyze ways in which supporters of slavery, defended slavery.
             The main issue in America politics during the years of the late 1840's to the late 1870's was slavery. Southerners wanted to keep the tradition of slave labor alive, and were justifying slavery in any way possible. Through economical, religious, and legal justifications the South also targeted the Negroes themselves and made worthy arguments supporting the Southern beliefs of slavery. .
             During this time the North was pushing for full emancipation of slavery through the emancipation proclamation. The Southerners brought up the consequences of the immediate emancipation of slaves. If all slaves and free labor were lost at once in the South, cotton could not be harvested and this would bring the fall of the Southern economy. The slave owners depended on the cheep labor and this would help them profit more by spending little or no money on help. Also while the slaves would have more children, the more slaves that the farmers would acquire without having to purchase them. Then they brought the point of how would Northern textile mills be able to produce goods to be shipped around the world? Without the cotton produced by the South the textile mills in the North would eventually fall as well, making a horrible cycle of destruction of the economy all over America. Whether people liked it or not the economy was based on the backs of slavery and America needed them to survive.
             The South often turned to a religious view to rationalize thraldom. They would use the so-called "Curse of Ham." In this doctrine the Biblical figure Noah had cursed his son Ham with blackness and the condition of slavery. Although this justification was misconstrued and Canaan not Ham was cursed, they continued to use this example because it was the first justification of slavery based on ethnicity. Even before the pseudo-scientific racism provided the basic justification for slavery, Europeans associated whiteness with purity.

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