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Economic independent

             I believe that everyone had thought of being independent, especially the young adult at age sixteen to twenty-five, and so am I. But what's the reason for those people to change their style? What they did to achieve they purposes? What did their life seem to be and what do they feel about it? With those questions, I interviewed five of my friends. All of them had left their home, had a job and being economic independence.
             If I were to give a reason to be independent, it must be the seeking of freedom. For most young people, they often call out for personal privacy and unconstrained space. But it can't be perfect if they still live in their parents' place, because they never stop watching our behavior. In Bread Giver, Sara was desperate to be alone. She was tiring for the notice form her family. "A separate door to myself, a door to shut out all the noises of the world, I must have this room with the shut door!- For those people I had interviewed, there were also three of them have the same kind of reason for leaving home. Philip said, " Parents always interfere with our personal life unconsciously. If I were to go independent, I should move out away from my parents, away from all kinds of economic supports."" Young adults are usually devoid of endurance. Parents or other relatives' nagging rebuke often enrage them, thus force them leaving home to pursue their liberty. Because young adult thought they were grown up, and ready to feed themselves.
             As a matter of fact, my opinion was just a thought. Many people thought that they could be grow more mature by being independence. David said,"" Economic independence wasn't just a tool to get rid of someone's control, it's also a indispensable ability survive in the society."" In his point of view, the people who are earning money to support themselves were not dependent to their family as a burden, and learned the life experience for the sake of their own future.

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