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Collapse of Kenya

             The first tribe that settled in Kenya occurred around 2000 BC, but research suggests that an early form of humans may have roamed the area some 20 million years ago. By the eight century, Arab and Persian colonies had evolved, mainly for trading purposes. Swahili developed as the main language spoken, which contains Arabic. In 1498, the Portuguese ended the Arab rule, shortly thereafter Islam took over in the 1600's and finally by the 19th century the British had control. Kenya was officially a United Kingdom colony in 1920. After years of uprising and rebelling against British rule, Kenya became an independent country in 1963. Jomo Kenyatta became the first president, and after his death in 1978 Daniel arap Moi became the second president. In 1982, Kenya's constitution was amended by the National Assembly, making Kenya a one party state. By 1992, that decision was appealed and several new parties were formed. President Moi was re-elected for another five years in 1992, and once again in 1997 with his KANU party obtaining a majority of the 222 seats. .
             The Kenyan assembly is comprised of 210 members elected for up to five years, plus twelve members assigned by the president. The president also appoints the vice-president and cabinet members. The attorney general and the speaker belong to the National Assembly. The judicial system is lead by a High Court, with 30 High Court judges and above that a chief of justice. There are also judges for Kenya's Court of Appeal, which are appointed by the president. There are 63 districts, forming seven provinces. The only province to not be included in any district is Nairobi, which has a special status. The government supervises the administration of all the districts and provinces. Kenya has maintained good political relations with its northern neighbors, and its status with Uganda and Tanzania are better as the three countries are part of the EAC, and work for mutual economic benefit.

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