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             Lives will remain under constant fear. The pressures of society and having to live every day may push many people to extremes. The world we walk on today is not the same world we lived in on September 10, 2001. American lives have been torn apart. The eyes of young children may not be able to see their parents and other loved ones. Phobias are becoming more and more common. And we will always wonder if there will ever be another day like September 11, 2001.
             Many of our lives and futures are now gone due to the cowardly acts that were taken out upon this great nation. On the 11th day of September in the year of 2001, terrorists put a dark cloud over the United States by flying our airplanes into our buildings, which would soon make terrorism pay its price. After many hours of thought and processing data, our United States government put the actions of September 11th on the shoulders of Osama Bin Laden and his many followers. .
             Osama Bin Laden and Muhammed Atef are the organizers of an international terrorism organization named Al Qaeda, which was created in 1989. When Al Qaeda was founded, it was dedicated to opposing non-Islamic governments (Pike). One of the principal goals of Al Qaeda was to drive United States troops out of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere on the Saudi Arabian peninsula and Somalia (Frontline). Al Qaeda had a command and control structure that included a consultation council, which discussed and approved major undertakings including terrorist operations, such as the attacks on America. Both Atef and bin Laden sat on this council (Pike). .
             Al Qaeda has been known universally since the year of its establishment, with given rights. Not only did bin Laden and his followers make an attack on the US, but they also have made several previous terrorist acts upon the lives of others in different nations. .
             Bin Laden, Atef, and their organization Al Qaeda, play a great threat in the lives of many Americans.

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