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GCSE history Coursework on Kenya

            Why did Kenyans want independence? There is one main reason why Kenya wanted independence and this is because of the land ownership ban on growing coffee in 1910. This act gave many leaders a reason for their campaigns. Because of this act, problems began to happen, working conditions like Kenyans wages and work placements. Kenyans were so angry of this because farmers who used to grow coffee, the profit they made out of the coffee are what they used to feed their family. The fact that the British took this away from them by banning the grow of it, this made Kenyans so angry because not only did the British think about themselves only, they were being selfish by taking away there main source of trade. Also Kenyans wanted independence because the British cut each Kenyans wage from 10 shillings, which was already low, to an even lower 7 shillings. All this selfishness and greedy behaviour made Kenyans want to fight for independence, and then what do the British do? They introduce a kipande which was like an I.D that each working Kenyan or any Kenyan who's over 16 had to carry wherever they went. White settlers that lived in Kenya didn't need to carry a kipande. If a policeman asked a Kenyan for his kipande and the Kenyan didn't show it then the Kenyan would be in trouble. It was like discrimination because white settlers didn't need one. The same year the kipande was introduced a man named Harry Thuku introduced an association called the young Kikuyu association. Thuku introduced this in the right time, because this is when Kenyans were most angry, due to lower wages, farming disruption, ban of coffee, and that Kenyans were feeling that they were being discriminated. When Thuku opened YKA, all the angry Kenyans would definitely support this. This means that Thuku would be supported. So Thuku begins to build schools so that the young Kenyans will be educated. And he knows that the skill s to speak and understand means that they will be able to use all the evidence the British have done to fight for it.

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