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Cell phones effects on society

             Ever heard of the saying, "The times have changed"? Well it is not only time that has been changing but also technology as well. Technology has been growing at a rapid rate to accommodate the needs and desires of people in obtaining a simpler lifestyle. One of the greatest technologies to hit the 21st century is the cell phone. Majority of the Filipino youth, who use to own a pager are now using cell phones. It is practically impossible for one not to spot or hear this device go off in the hands of a teenager, be at a church, school, car and where have you. Cell phones are ubiquitous. It has become a phenomenon and an addiction, to own a cell phone, that adolescents find it to be a necessity in one's life. This type of youth mentality of can lead to positive as well as negative effects on their culture.
             Sony Ericsson's advertisement for their cell phones go, "Making Life Simpler". Yes, cell phones indeed have made life simpler and easier for the Filipino youth. The features of cell phones have advanced over the years, which have made the once hip pager obsolete for the Filipino youth. One could find a camera, video recorder, radio, Internet, and games on this contraption. Cell phones have made it convenient in communicating and interacting with others, especially here in the Philippines where our location is not really geographically friendly for getting in touch with one another. One could easily text their friend in Cebu instead of making a long distance call, or writing an email and receive a reply instantly. Another advantage of cell phones is that it provides a sense of security and connectedness. Exactly the motto of Nokia would put it, "Connecting People". Parents are now more liberated in permitting their children to go out because they have a secure feeling they can contact their child just a text or phone call away in case of emergencies and vice-versa no matter the location.

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