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            Often, simple and everyday beauty is what people turn to when they are suffering or left with close to nothing. Often I have found that my will to keep pushing and striving in this world so full of confusion and suffering is fueled by the everyday beauty of nature. There's something about a cool spring breeze bursting in a flutter of cherry blossom petals that stuns me. It makes me realize that the world can't be that dreadful a place if there's such inarguable beauty in it. Erich Maria Remarque takes these feelings beyond that in All Quiet on the Western Front. He portrays beauty as a necessity in a world full of blood, guts, loss, fear and death. The beauty of food, nature and women are embedded throughout the novel, providing the soldiers with a means to endure the gruesome situation in which they have been placed. .
             The beauty of food is significant because of the soldiers" attitude and utter appreciation of any sort of provision. Many times these soldiers are given small portions of bread and sausage with the possible added luxury of receiving cigarettes and alcohol. Under normal circumstances, this could never be considered as a first-class meal for most people, and yet these soldiers see it as nothing but. They devour each and every bite, for their meal is their reward for surviving yet another day of hellish conditions. On one occasion, while Kat, Paul and some friends patrol an abandoned village, they discover a house abundant with food. Eggs, butter, potatoes, carrots, green peas, cauliflowers and even suckling pigs are available. Jobs are assigned among the men to create a feast. One is in charge of roasting the pig, another in cooking the fresh vegetables and cream sauces. A third man is designated the peeler and grater of potatoes and finally there will be one to flip the pancakes. However when the "observatory balloons" spot the smoke coming from the chimney, shells begin to drop on the house.

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