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             Colombia, a country unknown to many is a land of myths, beauty and magic that unfortunately has had a turbulent history and has been soaked with blood in innumerable civil wars and has endured the continent's most massive and persistent guerrilla insurgency. It is also the world's major producer of cocaine and with such background, violence may occur here more than in neighboring countries. But according to Gustavo Wilches on his book "La vida en Colombia" (Life in Colombia) life for people in Colombia is as normal and orderly as in any other country despite all the problems it is going through. (54).
             The land named after Columbus is located north of South America and its geography as well as its flora and fauna is among the most varied in this continent. Its people form a variety of ethnic blends uncommon in some other parts of the continent and it includes a few dozen Indian groups. Because of the violence that Colombia portrays it is the forgotten part of Latin America, it is looked upon as a country to get through quickly rather than a place to explore or visit.
             As we unravel some of the facts about this country and its people, we will realize that like the rest of human beings in the world, Colombians are simply pursuing happines; unfortunately because of the constant violence existing in the country today there is a lot of suffering and violation of human rights that make this goal very difficult . We will begin with important facts about the country, geographical data, population; etc. Then, we will immerse into the life of women in Colombia and how the roles they carry out in society can threaten their lives and in some cases even take their lives.
             On his book "Colombia" Krzysztof Dydynski reports that there are about 44 million people, making it the second most populous country in South America, after Brazil. Population growth is about 1.7%. 0-14 years: 31.

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