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Business In Colombia

             Business customs differ from country to country. What we might think is appropriate in Canada maybe considered inappropriate in another foreign country. The etiquette standards are very different in Columbia. For example:.
             Business cards given to Colombians should be printed with English on one side and Spanish on the other. .
             When handing a business card to a Colombian, it should be presented with the Spanish side facing toward the person.
             Avoiding discussing terrorism, politics and illegal drugs with Colombians would be wise.
             It is also wise to not make unflattering comparisons toward their country and another. No country likes being insulted and told how to improve.
             Colombians show great pride in their country's achievements, so try and show curiosity and ask questions about their culture and history.
             Colombia is a world wide renown producer of emeralds and coffee so discussing that would be a good choice of conversation.
             Accept invitations because refusing them is considered rude.
             Colombians are very formal and traditional people. The closer you get inland the more strict they are with manners.
             2. Describe an unethical practice found in a country other than .
             Canada or the United States. (2) .
             2. The government of Pakistan fails to place and ensure the protection of human rights for mentally disordered persons. Pakistan psychiatrists are practicing unethical practices by abusing patients. Many patients which are sane citizens are being placed in hospitals so that they could be robbed of their properties. Article 52 of the ordinance says: "Any person who carries out any form of inhumane treatment, on a mentally retarded disordered person which includes: trepanning, branding, scalding, beating, exorcizing, chaining to a tree, etc of any such person or subjecting a child to the cultural practice of rendering him mentally retarded, by inducing microcephaly, or subjecting any such person to physical, emotional or sexual abuse, shall be guilty of an offence, punishable with rigorous imprisonment which may extend to five years or with fine extending up to Rs50,000 or with both.

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