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Russia and Colombia

             In the world today the social, political, and economical factors of a nation can greatly affect the way in which people live and interact with one another. Two countries that I chose are Russia and Colombia. .
             Russia, once part of the Soviet Union is one of the biggest countries. It broke apart on August 24, 1991. Now with a population of 144,978,573 people since June 2002, it is considered the 6th most populated country. The capital of Russia is Moscow and it is the most populated city there. Russia's social structures are considered unfair for most people in Russia. During the Soviet Republic special things were granted for the communist party members. They would have their own stores, cars, homes and other things. For the other percentage of Russia, the people were poor and could barely survive. Since the separation of the Soviet Union, social classes have become more the same. The population is broken down into three types of people. Starting with the highest the richest people. The rich earned 15 times more than the poorest and 4 times more than the middle class. Most of the rich people became rich through fraud. The second highest was the middle class. The middle-class was formed of people that lived in the cities and worked. The middle-class benefited in the early 1990's, when apartments were going cheap all because of house privatization, and they could spend there money on more important things like clothes and food. Then there was the poor population. Most of the poor people lived in rural areas and did farm work. Since 1991, Marriage has declined and divorce has risen. This had a major effect on women because they had to run the house all by themselves. As Russia is a mostly poor country most people could not afford appliances such as laundry machines and their chores would take a while to do. If women had jobs, they would be paid the least, or just enough to survive, and most employers did not support childcare so most women stayed at home and took care of their children on a special reduced income.

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