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Violence in Every Life

             Violence, one of the most serious problems, has different forms as domestic violence, terrorism, and vandalism. Even though any city or country is more developed than others, every person has to face these forms of violence in every day life. .
             Domestic violence is one of the different forms of violence. Domestic violence is defined as physical or emotional acts between individuals in a relationship. It may include emotional and verbal abuse, physical attacks and in extreme cases, domestic violence could result in the death of one of the persons. Hospitals and police records indicate that the majority of victims of domestic violence are women.
             Terrorism is another of the forms of violence. All of the terrorism acts involved violence. Those acts are committed by nongovernmental people having psychological effects on victims. An example of violence is the guerilla. They act against of the government. In the case of Colombia, guerilla is the group of people which is not agreed with constitution of the government. They receive financial help from illegal business as sale and production of drugs. Another good example of terrorism is the attack on September 11, 2001 by Arabic people in New York which was due to government conflicts between The United States and the Middle East countries. .
             Vandalism fits into violence. Vandalism is the criminal act of taking or destructing maliciously the public or private property of another by use of violence. One of the groups of people, who most participate in this act, is the poor people. Sometimes, poor people have not the chance to work in a good job, anyway they still have to live and help their families. This is a deficit of job opportunities and resources provided by the country to the people who live in a specific country. Vandalism, in most cases is reflected in underdeveloped countries or in some cases is reflected in developed countries too. .
             In conclusion, violence exists in our dairy life.

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