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WW2 Home Front

            The efforts of the Home Front during the Second World War played an exceedingly vital role in the overall outcome of the hostilities. The home front was the base in which ordinary citizens were able to be involved and continually assist armed forces in the struggle to win the war. This involvement ranged from production of goods, formation of labour forces right through to raising the morale of citizens. Through the great depth of organization on the "home front" in their respective countries, the Allied forces were able to gain and consolidate a stronghold in each aspect of warfare which ultimately led to the successful winning of the war. Although the home front was a significant aspect of the overall result of World War two there were also numerous other contributing features that help the Allies win the war. Advancement in technology and the regulation of troops assisted in conjunction with the endeavors of the respective the "home fronts" to overpower the opposition and eventually claim victory.
             World War two was a "total war" and it was the great organization on the home front's of Allied countries was an imperative part of both the constant battles and eventual winning of the war. The citizens who were left at home during wartime were the ones who kept the war effort manageable and made continual contributions. The population of Allied countries was much more involved in the war and the war industries than in any previous war, "whole of the warring nations are not only soldiers but the entire population The workmen are soldiers with different weapons." A major priority for the war effort was food, citizens tried numerous measures to increase the amount of food that was available in the country. The government in both Britain and the USA introduced new schemes to encourage people to plant their own small garden to grow vegetables and be more self sufficient. Without this effort by the home front food would not have been able to be sent to troops who were fighting all over the world.

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