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             Cities and towns all over the world have a traffic problem, and no government really knows what to do. So many people are killed on the roads, that sometimes you think you would better live in time when there were no cars at all.
             Anyway we have what we have. And as for our town, the traffic situation is quite bad. There are too many cars for such a small town. The public transport system isn't good enough, we have only buses in Surgut, and they are dirty, old, and uncomfortable. Who do you think likes traveling by bus? Oh, yes, I forgot about so called "taxies", which are too small for such a number of passengers. It's a kind of attempt to improve the traffic situation in our town, and it works, because people have no choice. The roads are not so bad in comparison with other cities of Russia.
             But those roads are mostly small and there are not enough traffic lights in Surgut.
             But if we built more roads, it seems that the traffic will move more quickly. But actually there will be more cars to fill these roads. I think that the way out is in putting more money into public transport, because if the public transport system works, more people will use it.
             I can't say if people of our town drive well or not, some do, some not. I can say only that we have too many car accidents here. And there are so many reasons for it, not only bad driving. People get drunk and drive cars, then kill someone on the road. And the same situation is in other cities. There maybe no traffics at all only in Venice!.

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