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Traffic in the Kathmandu Valley

             Kathmandu is the Capital city of Nepal. It is the centre of almost all the administrative works that are carried out all over the nation. People from all over the country come into the valley for various purposes. The hope of a better livelihood, better studies and better careers, whatever it is, the rate of people coming inside the Kathmandu Valley has only increased over the past few years. But the area of the valley doesn't increase at all, does it? According to the 2011 census, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has a population of 975,453 and measures 49.45km2 (19.09 sq mi) with a population density of 20,288.8/km2 (52,548/sq mi). With the increasing population density, the number of road users obviously increases. But little has been done to properly manage the traffic inside the valley.
             It can be clearly seen at different places facing the problems like a huge number of people crossing the road and a long queue of vehicles waiting to pass the point. The narrow road, unmanaged parking, footpath business and absence of Sky Bridge are some of the reasons that the major areas of the valley are facing problems due to unmanaged traffic. .
             2. DISCUSSIONS.
             Traffic police plays a major role in managing the traffic at any junction. No matter how wide the road is or how thin the traffic is, without a trained and qualified traffic police, the traffic management is never a success. But the major problem in the Kathmandu valley with the traffic management is that people are not willing to follow traffic rules. It is a very demanding task for the traffic police to manage the vehicles and pedestrians at the same time. People tend to avoid the traffic rules in a hurry. The consequence is a long queue of line leading to traffic jam and even the pedestrians have to wait for a longer period just to cross the road. So, the main problem lies at how to manage the flow of vehicles from many directions and how to facilitate the pedestrians at the same time.

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