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Capital Punishment

            The Romans used to punish those who committed a vile crime with death. Georgia (in 1972) reached the Supreme Court, and decided that punishment of death violates the eighth amendment saying that "excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted." Because of this ruling, the death penalty has been put aside. Capital Punishment has become a very controversial issue over the last few decades. Though some people say that capital punishment will not stop crime, the right to sentence people to death should be legalized in all states. .
             Those who oppose Capital Punishment believe that it is a barbaric act and that it does not stop crime. But a life should be taken with a life. If a person commits a Vile, Atrocious, Cruel Act, Hurts multiple victims, commits a crime during another felony charge, previously convicted of a capital offense or if this person makes an accomplice commit a murder that person should face the death penalty. The three most common death penalties are the gas chamber, lethal injection, and the electric chair. Those who believe that Capital Punishment is wrong only believe this because they think that taking a life for another life is not just because they are stooping down to the murderer's level. But if the punishment fits the crime then it is moral. .
             The point given is that people are less likely to commit a crime knowing they will receive the ultimate punishment of death. The two main reasons that Capital Punishment should remain legal are because it is morally just and it will deter crime. The usage of the death penalty will force crime to be unacceptable in the US and protect our citizens.

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