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Canadian Gun Control

             An issue in Canada for the both the government and the people is the issue on gun control. Many people have different views on this issue, some are for and some are against. The government definitely has a positive goal with gun control, to decrease crime rate and make Canada a safer place. But is it worth it too pay the high prices for registering your gun, should honest gun owners like farmers or gun collectors partake in this as well. These types of people are against gun control or would like it if it were easier and cheaper. This issue on gun control is very important as it pertains to the safety of all Canadians and the expense of all gun owners.
             The government came up with gun control and enforced it between1995 and 2002, it became their plan to make it that all gun users needed a license to use there firearms by 2001. They also said that all gun owners had to register their guns by 2002 or they could not purchase ammunition or legally use their firearms. As this issue rises many views from many different people, the political parties do not all have the same views about this issue either.
             The liberals are totally for gun control. They believe that it makes Canada a safer and better place. They established gun control and enforced from 1995 to 2002. They state that criminal use of firearms is prevented and punished with the practice of gun control. .
             The Canadian Alliance are partly pro-gun control, they have different views on it than the Liberals. They say that the Canadian Alliance government will protect our communities from criminals, instead of harassing law-abiding citizens. They say that they will cancel the current firearms act and replace it with a more effective gun control system. This system will protect the public safety, is cost-effective and respects provincial jurisdiction and the rights of Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.
             The Progressive Conservative Party is also for gun control.

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