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Gun Control In Canada

             Gun Control is an important issue to Canadians in today's society.
             provincial and federal legislation that restricts the sale, purchase, and use of different .
             kinds of firearms. The United States, on the other hand, do not have federal or state bills .
             restricting the possession or use of firearms, only local laws exist there. A firearm .
             consists of any barrelled weapon from which a shot, bullet or other missile can be fired .
             and that is capable of causing serious bodily harm or death. Society's concerns about .
             protection from crimes relating firearms have encouraged Canadian Parliament .
             to pass tougher gun control legislation. The Federal Government responded by passing .
             Bill C-68 that created the Firearms Act, which came into effect in December of 1998. .
             This is by far the strictest gun control law to date. Many Canadians objected to this .
             legislation and wanted it repealed because they believe it is an unnecessary waste of tax .
             dollars to further license and monitor law abiding gun owners. Firearm laws have become .
             an extensive debate in society and also politics. Politicians from western provinces and .
             rural areas are opposite to these stricter laws because there is a more widespread .
             acceptance and use for guns around them. On the opposite side are politicians from urban .
             areas where crime rates are higher, who embrace the new harsher gun control laws as one .
             solution to violent crimes. There are many pros and cons to the recently passed Firearms .
             Act to control guns in Canada. Gun control laws do not limit crime sufficiently .
             enough and it is not worth the government money being spent on it. Government .
             intervention in the licensing of firearms in Canada first took place in 1892. .
             Prior to 1892 all that was needed in Canada to avoid a six-month jail sentence was a .
             reasonable cause to fear assault against life or property.
             In 1892 was the first government step in licensing firearms. A basic permit for pistols was .

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