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Dead Poet's Society and Nothing But the Truth

            Two teachers; two schools; one passion; complete misunderstanding. In the unforgettable book Nothing But The Truth by Avi Wortis, a teacher named Miss Margaret Narwin was being unjustly blamed for a student's suspension. In the movie "Dead Poets" Society," a similar situation arose as a teacher, Mr John Keating, was also being blamed for a student's death. Both stories were wrote long ago, yet they still reflect some of the injustice others face everyday. Unfortunately, both Miss Narwin and Mr Keating were forced to leave the school in the end because of unfair criticism. Some believed, that the way the two teachers taught and treated their students has impacted their destiny in the end.
             Although both teachers are experienced and considerate, their teaching styles are as different as day and night. Miss Narwin's class can be considered boring because she never does anything different except for the "official" things such as reading, writing, test-taking, and discussions. In fact, a typical day in Miss Narwin's class can easily consist of just reading, testing, reading, and testing. There is no excitement in the class because some consider Miss Narwin a perfectionist. Her response to Philip's answer on the exam, "You - along with your fellow students - are required to give it your respectful, thoughtful attention." (19), proves this. In her reply, she firmly states that he should only write what she wants written and she doesn't allow him to speak his mind. Another demonstration of her invariant personality was when Philip's refused to stop humming the National Anthem. Miss Narwin loudly yelled at him to, "stop it immediately. Your actions are thoroughly disrespectful" (71). Clearly, this shows that Miss Narwin is indeed strict. Mr Keating's class is very different from Miss Narwin's class. He doesn't follow a routine and he tries different approaches to teach his students. For instance, when he tells them to stand on his desk, he is telling them that they must view things from a different perspective in order to understand everything.

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